'Harry Potter' Airbnb offers wizarding stay, no Muggles allowed

Stay in a Harry Potter themed Airbnb in Atlanta
To Muggles, this is just an Atlanta short-term rental. But to pure bloods and even half bloods, it's something more, much more.
It's not Hogwarts Castle, but it's awfully close.
"We decided maybe we should try out an Airbnb," co-owner JR Rich said. "Everybody has talked about it so we figured we'd give it a shot. But we wanted to do something that was more interesting and more fun, a little bit of a draw on its own for people to enjoy while they stay."
This "Harry Potter"-themed Airbnb is the creation of Rich and DJ Bellerose.
This wizarding world of Harry Potter can be found, not in the Scottish Highlands, but instead, just five minutes from downtown Atlanta.
"Harry Potter is one of our favorite things," Bellerose said. "We love the movies. We love the books."
Guests can enjoy the "Harry Potter" books and movies during a stay, maybe even a game of "Harry Potter Clue." But they can be transported into the houses of Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, too.
During a visit, whip up one of Molly's meat pies or pumpkin pasties from the Harry Potter cookbook before settling down in a Snuggie to watch a movie, a "Harry Potter" one of course.
From there, take a quick stop by the Ministry of Magic before tackling an adventure. While you can head out on the town, there are plenty of quests within the apartment, too.
"We have hidden Horcruxes," Bellerose said. "We have all seven of them hidden throughout and we give something to the people who find them throughout the apartment."
Some guests have hit up Bellerose for clues during their stay while others have left their own Harry Potter creations behind. Overnight stays start at $85 a night.
And this is just the beginning. Rich and Bellerose are looking at creating several more themed rentals around town for fans to enjoy.