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Advertising on television is an easy and cost efficient way to market your business. Our industry professionals are here to help you create an individualized marketing plan for your business that fits your budget and meets your needs. Compare the cost of other media with the value WSB-TV can offer you. You will see that WSB-TV is the best local television vehicle to impact your bottom line. Lets look at the facts:

WSB-TV has unbeatable market coverage, reaching 94% of Atlanta television households on a monthly basis.

WSB-TV is the heritage station in North Georgia with 54 years of broadcasting experience.

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A wide variety of companies and small businesses have watched their profits grow from advertising on WSB-TV. Those advertisers come back every year and invest their marketing dollars with WSB-TV because they like the results. This proven process may work for your business. Let us analyze your current marketing plan and see if we can help you get the most out of your advertising efforts.

Purchasing advertising on a television station can be easy and fun. Don't let fancy advertising terms intimidate you! You can contact us directly at:

WSB-TV, Channel 2 1601 West Peachtree Street N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30309 404.897.7000 Or email

We look forward to helping you.