• After uproar, TV announcer apologizes to Ozzie Albies for comments

    By: Gabe Burns, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    CINCINNATI, Ohio - Reds announcer Chris Welsh visited the Braves clubhouse to apologize to second baseman Ozzie Albies for comments made during Wednesday’s broadcast on Fox Sports Ohio.

    During Albies’ fourth-inning at-bat, while discussing the 21-year-old’s recent seven-year, $35 million extension, Welsh said:

    “A lot of people are blaming the agent for letting him sign a deal like that. And Albies came from a very poor background, he’s from Curaçao, and when somebody offers you $35 million - I mean, he might not know the difference between $35 million and $85 million. It’s going to have a tremendous positive effect on his family and himself. Maybe the people in his immediate family or extended family. It changes the lives of so many people. You don’t know what really happened behind the scenes. ...”

    Video of the comments were posted on social media, quickly making waves. Albies, who hit a leadoff homer Wednesday, accepted the apology and all parties are past the issue.

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