• WellStar Statement


    WellStar Health System provides prices for various medical services to anyone who calls our 770-956-STAR call center. In order to give the price out over the phone, we require some limited personal information, such as name, contact (phone or e-mail) and date of birth (DOB). We collect the DOB because it is a consistent identifier for that person in our system. There are times when we need to re-contact the caller in order to update the information provided or there are questions about the quoted price(s) when services are rendered. In order to ensure that we are speaking with the same individual that we spoke with originally, the DOB serves as that consistent identifier.
    Ironically, your experience with WellStar is a perfect example of why a consistent identifier is needed. You erroneously received two different prices in one day when calling two WellStar hospitals. Senior staff at the 956-STAR Call Center learned that an error had been made in providing you the second price (a code was incorrectly used during input) and would have called you back to provide correct information.

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