• Vick To Monica: 'I Followed The Devil'


    NEW YORK - In a new BET documentary, Michael Vick shows how his secret, illegal dogfighting operation cost him his lucrative NFL career.

    Channel 2 Action News anchor Monica Pearson recently traveled to New York to talk with the former Falcons quarterback.

    It was Vick's first one-on-one interview with an Atlanta reporter since his release from prison.

    In the documentary, Vick returned to his Virginia home where he trained, tortured and killed dogs.

    Also on the show, Vick's brother, mother and fiancee discuss their concerns about his obsession with dogfighting .

    "You know what, they begged me not to do it and I was hardheaded and it really didn't matter what you said," Vick told Pearson. "I guess what they had to do was beat me across the head and call the police on me to get me to stop."

    Vick said his childhood friends also influenced his decision to continue the illegal operation.

    "I thought if I were to stop fighting the dogs and said 'Look, we're not conducting this operation anymore, it's over, we're going to put a conclusion to this. This is going to be it,' they would have been looking at me, 'Now what are we supposed to do?'" said Vick.

    "It was like I was torn between the two," Vick added. "I wanted to (quit), but I couldn't. They own this shoulder and that shoulder and I'm like I don't know which way to go and I followed the devil."

    Vick said he feels his friends betrayed him.

    "I forgave my friends, the ones who told on me, pointed the finger at me," he claimed. "Gotta forgive, but you never forget."

    Vick told Monica Pearson he now has a very small group of friends.

    He also claimed he will treat success differently.

    "I will value success. It's going to come and I'm going to work hard until I get there," Vick insisted. "Won't take the cart before the horse, but at the same time when it happens, appreciate it. Appreciate it and don't take life for granted anymore."

    Vick told Monica Pearson his community work for the Humane Society of America and his mentor, former NFL coach Tony Dungy, help him stay focused.

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    Vick To Monica: 'I Followed The Devil'