‘Super Delta’: Navy Blue Angels fly with Air Force Thunderbirds in new formation

For the first time, fans of the Navy and Air Force elite flying squadrons have a chance to see “Super Delta.”

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The new formation will be performed when the Blue Angels and the Thunderbirds perform together for Memorial Day.

“Super Delta” consists of six Hornets, flanked by six Fighting Falcons, three on each side, as they fly in a tight triangle.

“The teams created common terms that would allow the flight leaders to effectively communicate with each other and within their own formations,” Air Force Capt. Mesha Nelson told Military.com via email.

Normally each branch has its own terms for similar flight operations.

The formation was debuted over the Naval Air Facility El Centro in California last week.

The new drill came after the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels flew missions honoring front line workers.

“Super Delta” will debut during the National Memorial Day Parade: America Stands Tall, NorthEscambia.com reported.