More than 100 vape cartridges found after 2 W. Virginia teens overdosed using heroin-laced pens

Police: Over 100 vape cartridges found after 2 teens overdosed using heroin-laced pens

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Two West Virginia high school students overdosed and were hospitalized after using heroin-laced vape pens, according to Morgantown police.

In a video message posted to social media Friday, Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston said the devices also contained other drugs and substances.

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UPDATE: Officers of the Morgantown Police Department and the MonMetro Drug Task Force have arrested a suspect in connection with the laced “VAPE PENS” and “VAPING SOLUTIONS”. Following a traffic stop and search warrant, officers recovered over 25 pounds of marijuana, 70 bottles of THC oils and other controlled substances, more than 300 "TKO" labeled vaping cartridges and over 100 THC edible candies. For more info follow the link below 🔽 UPDATE 11/4/19: Morgantown Police continue to investigate the source of heroin laced vape pens which resulted in the overdose and hospitalization of two high school students in a 24-hour time frame. One source of the suspected vape pens and vaping solution have been confirmed. The name on the suspected device is "TKO". For more information, follow the link below 🔽 Original Post 11/01/19: Over the past 24 hours two high school students have overdosed and been hospitalized as a result of overdosing on heroin laced “vape pens”. Anyone using, in possession of, or if you know someone in possession of a vape solution that was NOT purchased directly from a retail store is asked to turn them in to school administration or law enforcement or throw them away. For more information watch the video of Morgantown Police Chief Ed Preston and follow the link below 🔽 Update: Please keep your comments relevant to the post. Any profanity or comments not related to the original post will be removed.

Posted by Morgantown Police Department on Friday, November 1, 2019

Preston encouraged people to stop using vaping devices and if they suspect an issue, to get rid of them, WPXI reported.

On Monday, Morgantown police said officers were able to identify and confirm one source of the suspected pens and vaping solutions, a juvenile high school student. A search warrant was obtained and police found over 100 charged vape solutions, marijuana, packaging materials and empty vape cartridges that were being filled with the vaping solution.

Police said they believe there are other brands and types of vape cartridges in circulation that are contaminated with heroin and other chemicals.

Nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported nearly 2,000 cases of illness associated with using vaping products as of Oct. 29. Thirty-seven people have died.