• 'Shark Tank' square off: EdUWear vs. Open Brew Beer vs. Zoey's Grannies Apples

    By: Nelson Hicks


    ATLANTA - You watch "Shark Tank" every Friday night on WSB-TV and ABC.

    Now, it's time to take shark Mark Cuban's seat.

    Here are three pitches that these entrepreneurs made at a recent casting call for the show at the Fox Theatre. Check out each pitch and vote for which one you think is the best idea.

    WSBTV.com will feature pitches from the auditions each week in February. The pitch with the most votes will be featured on wsbtv.com later this year. Vote by clicking here.

    EdUWear clothing is designed to focus on a specific concept, incorporating a variety of learning styles.

    Open Brew Beer: First round or last, never suffer through the opener search again. Glassware with bottle openers built into the base.

    Zoey's Grannies Apples


    On this week's show, a Portland, Oregon entrepreneur has a juice and smoothie cart with blenders powered entirely by pedaling vintage bikes, and a former CIA officer based in Cedar City, Utah teaches customers how to pick locks, escape handcuffs and disappear without a trace with his classes. Former pro wrestler Dallas Page and his business partner in Smyrna, GA pitch a fitness program based on yoga movements which is high energy and zero impact, and a woman from Atlanta, GA pitches her breakfast brand which includes southern specialties. We get an update on Gameface, from Tyler, TX, a temporary face paint transfer in which Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner invested last season, on “Shark Tank.” 

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    'Shark Tank' square off: EdUWear vs. Open Brew Beer vs. Zoey's Grannies Apples