• See horses, acrobats perform amazing tricks in Cavalia's Odysseo

    By: Nelson Hicks


    ATLANTA,None - Imagine 25 horses performing amazing tricks in harmony through thousands of gallons of water. There's no need to imagine it, that's exactly what visitors to Cavalia's Odysseo will witness under the big top in Midtown Atlanta.

    The show is an equestrian ballet with a lavish orchestration of multimedia and performing arts. Odysseo features 71 horses, 54 acrobats, aerialists, musicians and riders performing on a 27,000-square foot stage that required 20,000 tons of stone, dirt and sand to create.

    "You can't see anything else like (Odysseo) in the world," Cavalia founder and artistic director Normand Latourelle told Nelson's News on wsbtv.com. "People come here to get into a dream. If you dream about horses, about acrobatics, about the most beautiful landscape from the world, this is what you are going to witness here in Odysseo."

    See for yourself:


    Cavalia's first show galloped into Atlanta two years ago and after setting attendance records, Latourelle knew that when his newest show was ready to hit the road, Atlanta would be the first stop. It opened Wednesday night under the massive tent in Midtown Atlanta on Spring Street.

    "Odysseo is traveling under the biggest touring tent, or the biggest tent in the world, not only touring" Latourelle said. "The stage is also the biggest touring stage in the world."

    GALLERY: Amazing tricks, scenery and performances at Cavalia's Odysseo

    Under that tent, show attendees will witness a multitude of amazing stunts, tricks and performances by groups of people and horses working hand-in-hand.

    "When we started playing with each horse and each rider and each acrobat, we started playing some games," noted the show's equestrian director Benjamin Aillaud. "My work is to invent some games that horses and people take pleasure to do. At first, games become exercise that you see in the show, become the performance. But for the horses at the beginning, it was the thing they were enjoying even more to do because if you try and force horses to do something, you not perform seven times a week."

    The show includes live music, too.

    The tent seats nearly 3,000 people per show and it's currently slated to be in Atlanta through mid-January, but that will likely be extended.

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