• SeaWorld visits WSB-TV, brings several animals

    By: Nelson Hicks


    ATLANTA - SeaWorld Orlando visited the WSB-TV studios recently. Needless to say, the animal ambassadors that made the trip were quite the popular guests in the newsroom.

    A couple of marmosets were the most popular of the group. Marmosets are small monkeys that grow to about eight inches long, have claws and consume mostly tree sap. In Orlando, visitors can find marmosets living in the trees at Discovery Cove.

    A roseate spoonbill also made the trip to Atlanta. The roseate spoonbill is the only pink bird native to Florida. Flamingos aren't native to the state, unless you count the plastic ones. The bird uses its sensitive nose to hunt for fish and shrimp. The bird's pink color is due to the shrimp it eats.

    A crested cara cara was part of the contingent, too. The cara cara is a type of falcon, and the one that SeaWorld brought to WSB-TV was actually a rescued bird. A family originally tried to nurse the cara cara back to health, but in doing so, hand-fed the bird all the time. By the time the bird was taken to SeaWorld, it could no longer find food on its own. The park has worked with the cara cara to fix that.

    GALLERY: SeaWorld brings marmosets, roseate spoonbill, crested cara cara for a visit

    SeaWorld made the visit to WSB-TV to promote TurtleTrek, the park's newest adventure. TurtleTrek follows a sea turtle's epic and astounding journey in a first-of-its-kind 3D 360-degree dome theater experience.

    Representatives from the park also mentioned the summer time is a great time to check out all three of the company's Orlando parks. There's SeaWorld, but the company runs Aquatica, a massive water park where guests can ride slides, float around a lazy river and interact with animals. Discovery Cove is another SeaWorld park. Discovery Cove offers an all-inclusive experience where a small number of guests can explore the park, swim with dolphins, snorkel tropical reefs and explore underwater shipwrecks.

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