Robber remains logged onto Facebook while running from homeowner

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga.,None — A Gwinnett County woman turned the tables on a burglar looting her house when she took his keys and wallet.

Gwinnett County Police said since the burglar couldn't drive, he jumped in a lake and swam away.

"I just had that blink moment when your gut tells you to do something and you do it," said Stephanie White of Riverlake Drive in Gwinnett County.

White said that moment happened on Tuesday when she returned home from running errands.

"And I notice that there is a car parked where my husband's car is now right in the driveway and it's running," White said.

At first, she didn't know what to think.

"And called out 'hello, hello, who's here?' and didn't hear any reply," White said.

So she decided to take action.

"I just opened the car door, leaned in turned the car off, picked up the wallet between the two seats and immediately turned into the car door," she explained to Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh.

White said after she grabbed the wallet and the keys she got back in her car then drove to the end of her street. She didn't go too far.

She said she parked at the corner facing her home so she could still see the front door. She said that's when the burglar came out with his arms full of her family's possessions.

"I knew that I was preventing him from leaving the scene or doing this to somebody else."

White then called 911. The burglar took off, but without his keys.

Police said he decided to swim across the lake in the middle of the Peachtree Corners subdivision. Police said he then broke into another house, logged onto Facebook but never logged off.

With his Facebook login and photo I.D., police said they knew exactly who they were looking for: Trevor Jones, 34, of Cobb County.

Gwinnett County police said Jones is on parole for burglary.

"Hopefully this won't happen to anybody else, and I'm also just proud," White said.

White said she acted quickly but her neighbors surrounded her with support as the scene unfolded.

Police have issued new arrest warrants for the new burglary charges against Jones. So far, he has not been taken into custody.