Trump says he’s ‘ashamed’ he endorsed Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp

ATLANTA — President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News Sunday that he is ashamed that he endorsed Georgia governor Brian Kemp in 2018.

Trump made the remarks as he continued to make claims about voter fraud in Georgia. So far, Trump’s campaign has been able to find no evidence of voter fraud.

Trump has seethed over losing the southern state, which hadn’t voted for a Democrat for president in nearly 30 years. In January, the state will decide whether the GOP retains control of the U.S. Senate, when voters decide on two run-off Senate races.

Biden won Georgia with a narrow lead of just under 13,000 votes, prompting a recount, which is currently underway. A statewide audit last week confirmed Biden’s win.

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Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified the vote on Nov. 2. Kemp later signed his approval.

“The governor has done nothing,” Trump said. “He’s done absolutely nothing. I’m ashamed that I endorsed him.”


In the same interview, Trump called Raffensperger a “disaster.”

Raffensperger has been the subject of multiple Trump attacks since he certified Georgia’s election results.

In response, Raffensperger released a scathing op-ed about Trump last week, defending the election process in Georgia and blasting the President for refusing to accept the results.

“By all accounts, Georgia had a wildly successful and smooth election. We finally defeated voting lines and put behind us Fulton County’s now notorious reputation for disastrous elections. This should be something for Georgians to celebrate, whether their favored presidential candidate won or lost,” Raffensperger wrote. “For those wondering, mine lost — my family voted for him, donated to him, and are now being thrown under the bus by him.”

Trump endorsed Kemp via Twitter in 2018.

“Brian is tough on crime, strong on the border and illegal immigration. He loves our Military and our Vets and protects our Second Amendment. I give him my full and total endorsement,” the president wrote.

Trump boasted that his “full endorsement” helped Kemp edge rising Democrat Stacey Abrams.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.