• Police: Officer stops driver to ask for help, finds boatload of drugs in car

    By: Tony Thomas


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - A police officer got quite a surprise early Monday morning when he stopped a driver in Gwinnett County to ask for some help.

    The officer said he was taking a spin through a Lilburn neighborhood where a couple of car break-ins had recently happened.

    While in the neighborhood, the officer noticed a dark truck idling in front of a house. The officer said he stopped to ask the driver if he had seen anything suspicious, and that's when he smelled something suspicious inside the car.

    Almedin Ajanovic, a Lilburn police officer, said when he got over the smell of raw marijuana, he had to handle a somewhat unhappy driver.

    Channel 2’s Gwinnett County bureau chief Tony Thomas got his hands on video of the stop and arrest.

    “Hey, you want to get tazed? Then, get out of the car,” Ajanovic told the man.


    “I’m not doing nothing. I’m not doing nothing,” suspect Albert Ross-Simmons said.

    Police said as Ross-Simmons got out of the truck, he tried to kick a plastic container under his seat. The officer spotted it and found a boatload of drugs, including psychedelic mushrooms, inside, police said.

    “Looks like there is meth, either coke or heroine, white one. Marijuana, pills, Xanax bars and probably some other stuff and then shrooms,” Ajanovic said. 

    Police said that after Ross-Simmons was put in handcuffs, officers searched the rest of the vehicle and found another surprise -- two stolen guns.

    Simmons was taken to jail. Two other women in the truck were released. 

    “There is no way that this is all personal consumption,” Ajanovic said. “He was more concerned about his vehicle being seized than anything else."

    In all, authorities counted some 206 ecstasy pills, 50 oxycodone pills and two bags of mushrooms in addition to the marijuana, cocaine and other drugs. 

    Simmons faces 11 counts, most of them felonies.

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