Nelson's News visits 13 Stories Haunted House

Nelson's News visits 13 Stories Haunted House in Kennesaw

KENNESAW, Ga.,None — Roaches, big babies, headless humans and scary clowns are things Allyn Glover has come to love.

Glover is the mad genius behind Horror Hill Haunted House and Trails in Newnan and 13 Stories in Kennesaw. Glover opened his first haunted attraction 28 years in Newnan for friends and he's been at it ever since.

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"(I was) 13 years old and decided, 'Hey, let's cut a trail through the woods, invite some friends over and scare 'em,'" Glover said. "It started from there. Twenty-eight years later, here we are."

Today, Glover runs some of the most popular haunted attractions in the state. Nelson's News on visited 13 Stories Haunted House.

"13 Stories, we like to simulate the legend of the 13-story haunted house with the use of special effects, animatronics, strobe lights, music, great actors, live snacks, myths (and) the pushing out the windows myth," Glover said. "We can't do a lot of those myths, but we bring a lot of them to life."

13 Stories Haunted House features two haunts -- the 13 Stories haunt as well as Big Top Secret. The former is more of a traditional haunted house, while Big Top Secret is a 3-D haunt full of clowns.

"There are no haunted houses in existence that allow you to be touched," Glove said. "There are no haunted houses in existence that are going to allow you to throw people off of a building, but we come as close as we can to that. We give you the fear factor that it could happen."

Check out 13 Stories on the web for directions and hours.