Twin newborns critically injured after driver hits them on sidewalk

Nicholas & Francisca Neris-Trech

MIAMI — A family is shattered just three weeks after they welcomed twins into the world – a driver plowed into them while they were walking on the sidewalk.

Gonzalo Neris and Mariano Trech journeyed to America from Argentina after finding a surrogate, who they call their angel, WPLG-TV reports. 

The twins, Francisca and Nicholas, were born Jan. 10.

On Feb. 4, while walking on the sidewalk along a South Beach in Miami, a car struck the twins, Trech, Neris and Trech’s mother.

"This was the perfect day -- sunny, but not cold, not hot, because we'd been in the apartment for several days," Trech told WPLG-TV.

All five were rushed to the hospital, where Trech was immediately taken into surgery for internal bleeding.

The crash left the twins on the verge of death, and their fathers, and grandmother with serious injuries as well, the family said.

Miami Beach police arrested Matthew Miller, 29, after the crash. He was charged with reckless driving and other charges. WPLG-TV reports Miller told police he had taken "some Percocet" before the crash.


Nicholas and Francisca are still in the neonatal intensive care unit with head injuries.

Francisca is finally able to eat on her own but Nicholas, who wasn't expected to survive, remains on life support.

"Just pray. Pray for us because we have a little tiger with us. He's fighting a lot," Neris told WPLG-TV.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help with medical expenses. They have already surpassed the max limit of their insurance.

The family said they will not return to their home, Argentina, without the twins.

Information from WPLG-TV was used in this report.