• Metro Atlanta Student Struggles To Get Out Of Egypt

    FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - A Fayetteville family is working to make arrangements to get their daughter safely out of Egypt as an anti-government group called for millions to step up protests.

    Wanda Clark said she's been in close contact with the State Department, doing everything possible to get her daughter, Lauren, home.

    "She said ‘it's terrible, it's terrible, I've got to get out of here'. And that's when I decided I have to get my daughter out of Cairo," Clark told Channel 2's George Howell.

    The Internet is not available to those inside the country and cell phones are not working, but Lauren Clark has managed to make a few phone calls home.

    "She was able to go to the president's office at the American University and she called," Wanda Clark said. Clark gave her daughter the information necessary to get on a charter plane to Europe Monday.

    Egypt Protests Rage Through Night PHOTOS: Hopeful Day Dawns On Chaotic Egypt

    Hundreds of foreigners are being evacuated today from the unrest in Egypt, with the first U.S. citizens expected in Cyprus soon. Others will be taken to safe havens in Europe.

    U.S. citizens are allowed one piece of luggage on that flight. The rest they will have to leave.

    Countries are scrambling to send planes to fly their citizens out and Cairo's short-staffed international airport is a scene of chaos and confusion.

    U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Janice Jacobs told reporters Sunday she expects it will take several flights over the coming days to fly out the thousands of Americans who want to leave Egypt, through Europe.

    "Lauren is a pretty brave young lady because she traveled every summer for three or four years in different countries to study. I could tell in her voice things were getting worse every time she tried to call," said Clark.

    The Clarks are hoping to get Lauren back home within a week.

    "When she lands in Europe, I will feel a whole lot better. When I can pick her up at Hartsfield my heart will soar," said Clark.

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    Metro Atlanta Student Struggles To Get Out Of Egypt

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