• Woman says she was followed home, ambushed and robbed at gunpoint by thieves

    By: Chris Jose


    COBB COUNTY, Ga. - The search is on for a group of thieves who followed a woman and robbed her at gunpoint. The victim told Channel 2 Action News she didn't know what the men were going to do to her. 

    In fear of retaliation, the 22-year-old asked to not be identified.

    She said a car with at least three men inside was roaming the streets of the Villas of East Cobb Apartments on Sunday morning. She said she was returning home from work when she noticed the car following her to a parking spot near her home. 

    "They waited, like, a good five seconds, and then two guys jumped out and they ran up on me, and I thought they were going to run up on me and snatch me, but they both pulled out a gun," the woman said. "One ran to my passenger side and was pointing a gun at me, and then one ran up on me with a gun, and held it to me."

    She told Channel 2 Action News two men with bandanas demanded her keys, wallet and cellphone. 

    The victim said the men stole her black Hyundai Sonata and took off. She said the man driving the other car also sped away. 


    "All I could think about was, 'Am I about to die? Are they gonna take me in this car? Are they going to shoot?'" the woman said.

    She said she ran to her apartment and told her sister to call 911.

    "We were calling back to back to back. It got to the point where I was, like, 'Why aren’t they answering? What’s going on?' And that’s when we called our mom," the woman said. 

    The victim's mother, Paula Lamar, told Channel 2 Action News she rushed over from Roswell and called 911 when she crossed into Cobb County. A dispatcher answered.

    "My concern was my daughters had been calling you for over 22 minutes, and there's been no response. No one picked up. Why?" Lamar asked.

    Channel 2's Chris Jose asked a 911 supervisor if operators were fielding other calls at the same time.

    In an email, the supervisor said, in part:

    "Yes, they were answering other calls and they work a radio at the same time. Her calls did not ring long according to our system, but I also know that time seems longer when you're in the middle of an emergency."

    "If they can’t feel protected in the county or the community they live in, that’s a huge problem," Lamar said.

    The mother also told Channel 2 Action News she is thankful the people responsible for the crime did not kill her daughter. 

    "I want to thank them, one, for not shooting my daughter. I really do want to thank them for that," Lamar said.

    Lamar asked the carjackers to think about the consequences in the future.

    "You have a mother. I'm pretty sure you have a sister, a cousin, an auntie or something. Just think about them when you're out there robbing," Lamar said.

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