Woman says she was fired for reporting supervisor gave deputy lap dance at county jail

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A woman told Channel 2 Action News she was fired because she reported her supervisor for giving a deputy a lap dance at the county jail.

The sheriff suspended Gwenevere McCord for five days without pay for unprofessional behavior at work.

Sharon Cunningham, the worker who reported the lap dance, said she was quickly fired for telling what she knew.

She said the deputy made a sexually suggestive comment and she wrote a statement about it. Soon after, Cunningham said she was fired and she has lots of questions.


A source at the jail sent me this email saying McCord was suspended five days without pay for unprofessional behavior at work.

Channel 2's Tom Jones got an email that says Cunningham was fired for gossiping, making false allegations in writing and lying while under investigation.

"Anything and everything I put in that email wasn't a lie," Cunningham said.

McCord is the same woman Sheriff Victor Hill shot in Gwinnett County four years ago. He received probation and a fine.

Cunningham said the two are dating. She added her firing and the suspensions had an adverse affect on a first appearance court hearing.

"It delayed court about two hours," Cunningham said.

A source in the court said court was delayed.

Channel 2 Action News called and emailed the sheriff to get his side of the story and he hasn't responded.

Cunningham said she was never told why she was fired and she's seeking legal representation.