Woman arrested for making online threats against officers

CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — Clayton County police are investigating threats against officers made by a woman in videos posted on the Internet.

Police say the woman who made the Internet threats lives a mile-and-a-half from a Clayton County police station.

The videos are filled with profanity and hate for white people.

The woman in the video, Latausha Nedd, who goes by the name Eye Empress Sekhmet, calls for a war on not only white people, but she advocates shooting police officers.

"I say let's have a take a gun day, and start walking up on these untrained and stealing their weapons," Nedd said.

"You really want people to kill cops?" Channel 2's Tom Jones asked Nedd.

"I never said that," Nedd told Jones.

Only Channel 2 Action News was there as the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and a joint terrorism task force moved in to arrest Nedd Thursday afternoon.

Jones was there as officers removed her from her home. Jones said Nedd was watching Channel 2 Action News when she was arrested.

We had just aired a report about her videos.

"She was watching your news broadcast," Chief Michael Register with the Clayton County Police Department told Jones.  "A lot of people talk on the Internet and on YouTube, but most people don't make threats against segments of the community."

Nedd had a lot to say as she was put into handcuffs.

"This is about a YouTube video? I've seen worse on YouTube," Nedd said from the back of a police cruiser. "All I said was defend yourself against people who want to kill us. That's all. I never said anything more than that."

Nedd claims she's harmless. But according to police, her words are as dangerous as any weapon.

"It's also the reaction she solicits or anyone solicits from people who may be listening," Register said.

Nedd remains in the Clayton County Jail, charged with making terroristic threats and transmitting those threats through social media.