• Witnesses recount murder of father outside Dunwoody day care


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga.,None - Witnesses described what they saw when a Dunwoody father was gunned down outside a day care as testimony resumed for a fourth day in the case.

    The suspect, Hemy Neuman, could be seen wiping a tear from his eye and burying his head in his arms at times during the testimony that described the shooting of Rusty Sneiderman outside Dunwoody Prep in November 2010.

    The day started with Judge Gregory Adams deciding to remove the victim's wife from the courtroom and ordering her to stay away from any witnesses. Prosecutors said Sneiderman acted inappropriately during the trial and hugged a witness after her testimony.

    Testimony on Friday began with a security official with GE Energy, who testified Neuman entered the campus at 5:37 a.m. with his badge, then left twenty minutes later in a minivan.
    Jeffrey Scottwatson then testified that Neuman returned to GE and used visitor badges to enter the building.

    Prosecutors then called a series of witnesses to describe the events outside Dunwoody Prep during the shooting.

    "I heard a loud noise and recognized it was four gunshots," said assistant teacher Colleen McNulty. "I saw Mr. Sneiderman and I quickly got my children inside.

    Dr. Craig Kulmier told jurors he was pulling into a neighboring post office when he heard gunshots. Kulmier also said he saw the gunman casually walk back to his vehicle.

    Aliayah Stotter, Kulmier's wife, recounted a similar story about the gunman.

    "He had glasses on and, what looked to me like a fake beard. It was really big and dark," Stotter said. She and her husband approached Sneiderman after the shooting and called police.

    "I saw him gasping for air and I said to my husband, "I think he's still alive," and my husband kneeled down and felt for a pulse. There was quite a bit of blood everywhere," she said.

    "Were you there when the victim's wife showed up?" prosecutors asked.

    "One of the detectives was interviewing me right there when she showed up. We actually had to get out of the way because she pulled in so fast, barely put the car in park. The door swung open and she was screaming, 'What happened? What happened?'"

    "I put my hood up because I didn't want to see her because I was crying a lot," Stotter continued. "Later on I said to my husband that it was really weird that she didn't have a tear in her eye."

    "And you thought that was unusual?" asked District Attorney Robert James.

    "I was bawling," Stotter responded. During Stotter's testimony, cameras showed Rusty Sneiderman's brother reduced to tears.
    Doctors at Atlanta Medical Center described the victim's wife's reaction as very unusual as well.
    Emergency room Dr. Mark Waterman pronounced Sneiderman dead and then broke the news to his wife.

    "What was her response," prosecutors asked.

    "Not very emotional. There was no crying, screaming, demanding to know what had happened," Waterman said. "Her first request was to ask for a child psych to inform her kids of his passing. Unusual to say the least."

    The trial resumes on Monday morning. Stay with Channel 2 Action News and WSBTV.com for complete coverage of the trial and live streaming video from the courtroom.


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    Witnesses recount murder of father outside Dunwoody day care