• Traps set in hopes of catching wild pigs in DeKalb


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Traps are now set and baited in hopes of catching wild hogs that have been roaming and rooting in a DeKalb County neighborhood.

    A county spokesman told Channel 2 Action News another trapper will put out more traps in the morning.

    On Wednesday, we got new home video of one pig that seemed in no hurry to move out of the area. Channel 2's Jeff Dore talked to one girl chased by a hog.

    With the woods and the creek around Stonebridge subdivision in Lithonia, people enjoy seeing deer, raccoons and rabbits. But they draw the line when wild pigs weighing hundreds of pounds come out of the woods and chase people.

    Alicia Dill's neighbor told her he'd seen a pig roaming the neighborhood.

    “We didn't believe him. But then on my way back home, I looked back and I seen something running toward me and I thought it was a dog but it wasn't a dog cause I seen horns so I started running. And when I got to the house, I banged on the door and told my mom what I'd seen,” Dill said.

    Her mom didn't believe it either at first.

    “Because it was on our patio. So she seen it,” Dill said.

    Robin May became a believer when he looked next door in the morning and saw the huge hog pigging out on some spilled dog food on the neighbor's yard. His daughter, Lindsay, shot video.

    “He looked up at us, went back to eating,” Robin said.

    Tevares Dennis catches wild pigs and has offered to help.

    “There's some traps set along the creek line and then we're also going to set traps in some of the homeowners' yards that we've put bait sites at and see if we can catch them with the traps,” Dennis said.

    The bait is a mix of corn, molasses and dog food. If that doesn't work, he could sic his dogs on them. They hold the hog still until the hunters grab them.

    Dennis is just offering his unique abilities to the neighborhood. DeKalb County has hired a different trapper who, a county spokesman tells Dore, will be setting traps in Thursday morning.

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