Video: Stolen Porsche reaches 100+ mph before suspects bail, crash into police car

GREENE COUNTY, Ga. — Channel 2 Action News has obtained video of a police chase that hit speeds of over 100 mph on Interstate 20, putting other drivers' lives in danger.

Authorities linked the suspects in a Porsche stolen out of Gwinnett County to at least two gas station burglaries.

Greene County Sheriff Donnie Harrison said police dashcam video shows the pursuit reach speeds of over 100 mph early Monday morning on Interstate 20 westbound, through Greene and Morgan counties.

Harrison told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne that an officer put down spike strips, which deflated tires on the Porsche.

“Once we deploy them out in the road, they expand,” Harrison said, showing Winne how the strips work.


The suspects eventually bailed out of the car, but it kept rolling and eventually hit a police car and caught fire.

Harris said Michael Cornelius Clark, 27, was the driver of the car.

“You have anything you want to say?” Winne asked Clark inside the jail.

“Y’all disturbing my sleep,” Clark told Winne.

Khadricquez Sheffield, 19, was also inside the car.

“You got nothing to say? You don’t want to say whether you’re guilty or innocent?” Winne asked Sheffield.

Sheffield just shook his head for "no."

Gregory Swinson, 20, was the only suspect willing to talk to Winne.

Winne asked him if he had broken any laws or if he had broken into the gas stations. Swinson answered, "No."

“The other two guys that were arrested, did you know them?” Winne asked Swinson.

“No, sir,” Swinson said.

Winne asked him if he was just catching a ride back to Atlanta, and Swinson said, "Yes."

“From where?” Winne asked Swinson.

“From where I was at. I had hitchhiked. They got me in the car. I didn’t know either one of them,” Swinson said.

The three are suspected of breaking into two gas station convenience stores in Taliaferro County and one in Greene County and attempting a break-in at a second place in Greene County.

Harrison said several things were found inside the Porsche, including a safe, a cash box, another metal box and 500 packs of cigarettes.

He said all three suspects claimed to be from metro Atlanta.