Video of Georgia father breaking down while dropping son off at college goes viral

VALDOSTA, Ga. — Video of a Georgia father breaking down in tears as he dropped off his son at college has gone viral.

Channel 2′s Tom Jones talked to Ken Mohammad, who said the pandemic stole other opportunities to cry, so dropping his son off was when he really got emotional.

18-year-old Nasir Mohammad's mother recorded the tearful moment at Valdosta State University recently.

“Alright, dropping baby boy off at the dorm,” Mohammad’s mother says on camera. “It’s going to be alright. It’s going to be alright.”

The video shows Ken Mohammad break down in tears, crying and hugging his son like he was going off to war.


"I'll miss you, son," Ken Mohammad says through tears. "You've been with me your whole life. You're gone now."

Mohammad said he just couldn't hold it in.

"I just kind of broke down and lost it," Mohammad said. "I've never really been away from my son before."

Mohammad said the pandemic has prevented the release of some of his emotions since so many high school traditions were canceled this year.

"Seniors really got robbed this year," Mohammad said. "So you didn't have a prom . You didn't have a graduation for me to cry at."

In the video, Nasir's parents tell him to make good decisions and promise that they are only a phone call away.

Nasir, a graduate of Stephenson High School, said he wasn't surprised by his dad's overflow of emotions.

"He really wanted me to go to college," Nasir said. "He wanted me to get higher education. So I knew that he was going to be proud."

Mohammad is so proud that he told Jones he might have to drive from Atlanta to pay his son a visit at school.

"Yeah, I might try to pop up," Mohammad said.

Nasir wasn't too pleased with that idea.

“He can pop up, but I don’t want it to be too soon,” Nasir said.

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