Tyler Perry to reopen studios with temporary housing for crews and staff

ATLANTA — Tyler Perry announced Tuesday night that his studios will reopen in a limited capacity that includes temporary housing on the studio campus for production crews and staff.

"A special meeting of the Fort McPherson Board Of Directors was called and a resolution was passed to lease a small portion of the property in order to create temporary housing on the Tyler Perry Studios campus," a spokesperson said.

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The resolution will allows production crews and staff to live in temporary housing at Tyler Perry Studios site at Fort McPherson.

The former Army base has 141 usable barracks, 40 historic homes and 30 newly built homes that are all livable. The agreement cuts down on the need for travel to and from the campus and helps keep people working at the studios from being exposed to illness.

“The goal of resolution and agreement is to make sure that the talented staff and crews can be housed safely while getting people back to work during this unprecedented financial and health related crisis," the spokesperson said.