Section of concrete wall on Spaghetti Junction collapses after crash

Drivers are used to a little bit of chaos on Spaghetti Junction, but a piece of concrete is causing a bigger headache Monday.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is working to repair the section of Interstate 285 eastbound where a 22-foot section of concrete collapsed.

Channel 2's Richard Elliot watched as GDOT crews put up temporary concrete barriers to plug up the hole.

GDOT officials told Elliot that a truck slammed into the wall and the impact was so great that it caused the piece to crash 60 feet down to the shoulder of Interstate 85. Luckily, the concrete missed the other drivers.

Truck driver Roy Huff thinks other trucks need to be more careful crossing over Spaghetti Junction.

"Slow down man," Huff said.


Elliot spoke with several drivers who didn't realize what was happening until he told them.

"I think that the infrastructure probably needs to be maintained a little bit better.  A lot better," driver Megan Cuardrado said.

Other drivers were just grateful that no one was seriously hurt.

"I figured someone wrecked there. That's what it looked like. How lucky is it that nobody got hurt? Very blessed," Nancy told Elliot.

A GDOT spokesperson said it plans to come back after the first of the year and make the repairs permanent.