• Tanker to remain on side of GA 400 following crash with tractor-trailer


    SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. - Emergency crews have removed a tanker truck to the side of GA. 400 and will wait until Saturday to take it away following a major crash with a tractor-trailer that shut down two interstates Friday afternoon.

    Police say about 11:45 a.m. a Publix tractor-trailer and the fuel tanker were involved in a crash, causing both to drive off the Interstate 285 bridge and onto GA. 400.

    The fuel tanker was carrying 8,000 gallons of gasoline but Sandy Springs Fire Rescue says the fuel was contained inside the vehicle and there was no leak.

    Both truck drivers were briefly trapped in their trucks but were pulled out. They both suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to Channel 2's Mike Petchenik.

    At least one other driver was injured in the crash.

    Tameka Dupree shot video of the scene just moments after the crash.

    She first tended to the banged up Publix driver, then she captured the amazing scene as four drivers pulled the driver of the tanker truck out of the cab to a safe place until emergency crews arrived.

    Two of the drivers literally pulled the shirts off their own backs to help in the man's rescue.

    "It was instinct to help these people. The second instinct was to see one of the drivers of the Publix truck get out of the truck. It was amazing and the other guys who helped this other young man get out of his vehicle before the ambulance or officers even got there,” Dupree said. “It was just an act of God. Angels had to be all over that whole road."

    Authorities removed the Publix truck, but say they will leave the tanker on the hill until Saturday morning.

    Publix released a statement Friday:

    "Thank you for your inquiry about our truck driver involved in the accident earlier today. He has been taken to a North Fulton Hospital where he is being examined. Our thoughts and prayers are with both drivers involved in the accident."

    The tanker truck will stay lodged next to GA. 400 until Saturday morning.




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