Today is the deadline to register to vote in Georgia’s June primary

GEORGIA — If you live in Georgia and want to vote in the primaries then the deadline to register is Monday.

Voters can check their voter registration status at the state’s My Voter Page. The website provides Election Day precinct locations, early voting locations, absentee ballot applications and sample ballots.

There are more than 7.2 million registered voters in Georgia.

Georgia’s primary was originally scheduled for March 24 but has been pushed back twice in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The primary will now be held June 9 with early voting expected to begin May 18.


Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced in March when the election was first moved that officials would mail all registered voters a form that can be used to request an absentee ballot.

Raffensperger’s office has received at least 1 million absentee ballot requests so far. He thinks that number will go higher.

“Our goal was two fold: to keep voters safe and to take the pressure off our in-person voting locations," he said on April 30.

Absentee ballot applications for the upcoming primary election will continue to be accepted and processed by counties even if the application said May 19, the original postponement date.

Once county election officials properly verify the signature on the application, the voter will be sent an absentee ballot for the primary election now to be held on June 9.

For more information about the status of your absentee ballot, visit My Voter Page,