Thousands of narcotic pills, stolen property found during massive raid at Gwinnett County home

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — On Wednesday, Charles Mosley and Estuesta Rogelio sat in court as they heard the prosecutor list the more than 30 charges they now face.

The felony charges stem from a massive raid at a Gwinnett County home two weeks ago.

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The homeowner, Bobby Mosley, is in federal custody. Mosley is indicted for his role in an alleged pill mill operation.

In Gwinnett, an undercover investigator revealed what they found in the home.

“I came into contact with numerous pills. Upwards of 80,000 pills,” the undercover investigator said.Everywhere you turned, open bowls, pill containers here, pill containers there. You would open up a kitchen cabinet and it would be stacked upon it, with food and stuff behind it.”

According to the county, investigators found more than 11,000 narcotic pills, including oxycodone, Xanax, hydrocodone, and more.

“It wasn’t something normal, nor was it something I’ve ever come across,” he said.

The bust is a result of two separate investigations by the DEA and Gwinnett County.

Gwinnett County says they had been monitoring the property for more than six months after receiving tips from the community and confidential informants.

The attorney for Rogelio, Thomas Flugum, said that his client was not guilty of the charges and seemed to shift the blame to Bobby Mosley. Bobby was taken into custody by federal officials before Gwinnett police arrived.

“They [the DEA] didn’t cite, and they didn’t arrest Rogilio. They didn’t arrest anyone else in the house because they didn’t have any information that the others were involved,” Flugum said.

Flugum said his client, Rogelio was only visiting the property. According to testimony from Rogelio’s sister, the defendant is from the Philippines and had only arrived five days ago to visit her.


“There is no evidence of a connection between these drugs and Rogilio other than his sick sister, who he was there to visit,” Flugum said to the judge.

These charges did not include any reference to the allegedly stolen construction equipment found on the property.

According to Gwinnett police, they recovered nearly a million dollars of stolen equipment from the raid. A week later, they raided another house owned by Bobby Mosely and found additional stolen property.

Charles Mosely was given a bond of $75,000.

The judge did not decide if he would find probable cause for the charges against Estuesta Rogelio or if he would set a bond.

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