• Thousands attend Shaky Knees fest despite nasty weather

    By: Ashley Swann


    The cold, wet weather didn't keep thousands of music fans away from the inaugural Shaky Knees Music Festival in Atlanta. Many joked, though, that it should be renamed the "Soggy Knees Music Festival."

    "Wet, muddy, cold," is how Sudie Tarver described it to Channel 2's Ashley Swann.

    They were likely the most uttered words of the night at a festival earning rave reviews for its music.

    "That was pretty incredible," Tarver said. "Just to be like 20 feet away and see one of your favorite singers live."

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    The music was so good, fans say, that even the cold, steady rain couldn't keep them away.

    "It was never a question of not going," Tarver told Swann. "It was just, how can we stay as warm as physically possible?"

    Most of the estimated crowd of 8,000 Saturday donned rain jackets and ponchos. Many had boots, but some opted for sandals, which proved especially miserable once the mud came out. Photos circulated online show just how bad conditions got.

    "It's extraordinarily muddy," Marci Silverman explained to Swann. "You have to lean really hard to pick your foot up to move."

    Still fans continued coming well into the night, and like Marci Silverman and her husband, Jeremy, say they would do it all again.

    "We had a great time and are glad we came down, for sure," Jeremy Silverman said.

    And, in fact, many planned to return to Shaky Knees Sunday to see bands including Drive-By Truckers and The Lumineers, come rain or shine.

    "It can't be worse than this," Jeremy Silverman said. "If we did this, then I think we'll be back tomorrow."

    "Probably will re-evaluate how we prepare and dress ourselves. Maybe buy some better ponchos," said Tarver.

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