• Teacher in math homework controversy resigns


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga.,None - A Gwinnett County school teacher has resigned amid backlash regarding a controversial math homework assignment.

    The assignment sparked an outcry within the county and beyond after third-graders were asked to answer math questions that talked about slavery and beatings. The investigation into the incident at Beaver Ridge Elementary School was completed Tuesday.

    District spokeswoman said a teacher resigned during the course of the investigation, but it is unclear what the probe’s findings were.

    After the assignment was handed out Jan. 4., protesters gathered outside the school calling for firings. The district said the teacher who wrote the questions was trying to reinforce social studies lessons through math but agreed the questions were inappropriate.

    One word problem asked how many oranges would each slave pick. In another, Frederick was picking cotton. Students were even asked to calculate how many beatings Frederick would get in a week.

    On Wednesday, district spokeswoman Sloan Roach released a statement regarding the resignation saying, “The principal will move forward immediately to fill the
    vacancy created by this resignation. As this is a personnel matter, the district will not elaborate further.”

    Parents at the school said they are not satisfied by the resignation.




    Christopher Braxton was one of the first parents to contact Channel 2 Action News regarding the assignment.

    "What about the situation? How can we resolve it? How can this never happen again?" Braxton said.

    Braxton said, at a minimum, he would like the remaining teachers involved to receive additional training.

    Father Tony Berenato said he would like to see counseling provided to the students involved.

    "There was a message in there and I didn't like it. It hurt a lot of these kids around here," Berenato said.

    School officials said one teacher wrote the questions, but four out of nine handed them out. It is unclear who resigned and what the fate of the other teachers is.




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    Teacher in math homework controversy resigns