• Students say mice are roaming their school

    By: Lori Wilson


    ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. - Pictures and video of mold and even a mouse in Rockdale County High School is upsetting parents.

    They told Channel 2’s Lori Wilson they're worried about the safety and health of their children. They said it’s unacceptable to have a mice in the school.

    Wilson showed pictures of mold on ceiling tiles and a mouse in a toilet to Rockdale County High School sophomores. The pictures were taken inside the school, and sent to Channel 2 Action News by a viewer.


    “I personally heard that we had rats, but um, this is my first time seeing them,” said Kourtlan Carter.

    Avis Campbell’s daughter takes some classes in the school. She said it is unacceptable.

    “Rats carry all sorts of disease and bacteria so no, I would not want my child to be a part of that or any child for that matter,” Campbell said.


    Mouse found in toilet at Rockdale County High School
    Mouse found in toilet at Rockdale County High School
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    Wilson reached out to Rockdale County Schools about the issue and they sent a statement saying in part: “We have brought in additional custodial staff and pest control experts to set traps and take all possible measures to keep our campus free of all pests.”

    The school says a new trail nearby that was recently cleared by the county may have unsettled the area and caused the mice to move inside.

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