• The mayor of Stockbridge resigns after a meeting addressing his temper


    STOCKBRIDGE, Ga, - The mayor of Stockbridge has resigned after a meeting addressing his temper on Monday evening.


    Channel 2's Rikki Klaus was there as former Mayor Tim Thompson walked out of the meeting.

    Stockbridge City Clerk Vanessa Holiday opened up about a dispute that's led to two emergency meetings at City Hall in three days. She says Thompson called her in for a meeting Friday.
    “When we met, that's what was asked, why didn't he get the email prior to me sending it out," Holiday said.
    Holiday says she sent an email about a city retreat to the mayor and the council, but he wanted to approve the email first. She says he sent her home until further notice.
    “Do you have a temper issue?”  Klaus asked. “No ma'am. No ma'am,” Thompson answered.
    Back in March, Thompson was accused of threatening to fight the mayor pro tem in the parking lot.
    The City Council ordered an investigation and asked Thompson to undergo anger management courses. He says he met with his pastors, starting the day after.
    "I didn't really go about it the right way. For that, I'm extremely sorry," Thompson said.
    Monday evening, former and future council members gave harsh critiques of the mayor.
    "I sat across the table from you, and I was insulted by you. I sat in Ms. Holiday's shoes, and I had to take it because you know what? I wanted to represent my city. You got a problem, and you need to deal with it," future councilman Elton Alexander said.
    "Atmosphere of fear because of Mayor Thompson. The people are afraid for their jobs,” former councilwoman Kathryn Gilbert said.
    "Yes, it was tough to hear. I think the people who really know me, they know what kind of person I am," Thompson said.
    Thompson and Holiday ran as opponents in the mayor's race two years ago. Thompson says the City Council appointed her against his objections.
    So can the mayor fire the clerk or force her to go home?
    A councilwoman told Klaus no, since the council appointed her.

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