Starbucks begins reopening in GA -- with some changes

ATLANTA, Ga. — On Monday, Starbucks began to reopen stores across the U.S. and Canada, including in Georgia.

Depending on the location, each customer experience will look a bit different according to CDC guidance.

Some stores will reopen only for drive-thru and others for order ahead and grab-and-go. The company encouraged customers to check the app or the company website to see what will happen at individual stores.

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Many Starbucks locations, aside from select drive-thrus and grocery locations near hospitals and other first responder areas have been totally closed since mid-March.

As stores continue to reopen, employees may be wearing gloves and masks and doing extra sanitization inside.

Stores that offer the grab-and-go option where people can order at the counter will limit customers and have floor markers and signage to promote social distancing. Seating won’t be available.

We checked with two nearby Starbucks to see what their reopening will look like.

Channel 2′s Kristen Holloway found that employees are taking extra steps to stay safe and to keep you safe. Worker’s temperatures are checked at the start of each shift and they are wearing face masks and washing their hands frequently. They also have the option to wear gloves.

Holloway talked to customer Lillian Coates, who was wearing a mask while picking up her order.

“I really enjoy what they do, take the temperature and wear a mask, because that makes me feel so much more safe,” Coates said.

Not every single Starbucks is opening. Check the website or the app to see if your local Starbucks is serving customers.