• Police say man meets women on dating site, steals from them

    By: Nefertiti Jaquez


    COLLEGE PARK, Ga. - Investigators are searching for a man who, police say, is using his disability to target women and rob them.

    College Park police say Boderick Wright is an amputee and it plays into his crime.

    “It’s very disheartening,” a woman told  Channel 2’s Nefertiti Jaquez.

    The woman said she was one of Wright’s victim and asked not to be identified. She told Jaquez that she was upset and embarrassed about being taken advantage of.

    The victim said she had agreed to go to dinner with a man who, she said, called himself a business owner and went by the name of Darico, after the two met on a popular dating site.

    But shortly after he picked her up on May 21, police said, Wright scammed her by using a sob story.

    “He’s scum,” the victim told Jaquez. “I’m more pissed that I took a chance and I allowed someone to do that to me.”


    The victim said she met Wright on the dating site PlentyOfFish and they talked for about three weeks before she finally agreed to go on a date with him.

    While on their way to dinner, the victim said, Wright told her he had to make a quick stop at his hotel, off Best Road, because he had forgotten his bag.

    She said Wright, who is an amputee, asked her if she could go upstairs and grab the bag. She obliged, leaving her purse in his car.

    “When I went back downstairs, he wasn’t here,” the victim said. “I had cash in there, my wallet. I had everything in there.”

    This is the same con game College Park police detectives say the 34-year-old suspect has used to trick and scam at least five other women.

    “You have a guy who’s using disability to take advantage of female victims. I think it’s really bizarre and heartless,” the woman told Jaquez.

    Investigators said Wright also goes by Carlos and Rico as aliases on several dating sites, where he lures women.

    Jaquez did some digging and found that, for more than a decade, he’s been in and out of jail for identity fraud, theft and forger. Now, his latest victim wants him caught.

    When asked if she would do anymore online dating, the victim told Jaquez she would not.

    Anyone with information about Wright, is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.

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