• Man stabbed to death after argument over beer, witnesses say


    ATLANTA, Ga. - Witnesses say and argument over a can of beer lead to the stabbing death of a man in a soutwest Atlanta strip mall.

    The stabbing happened in a strip mall on Cleveland Avenue.

    Channel 2's Berndt Petersen was live at the scene where police looked for clues. 

    Police say a man was attacked by a woman wielding a knife. 

    Witnesses told Petersen the man was able to make it to the American Deli where he collapsed.

    "He says, 'She stabbed me!'" a witness told Petersen. "He walked toward the restaurant---walked toward it and fell at the door."


    The witness, who only identified himself as 'Bernard,' said the weapon looked like a steak knife. 

    "I proceeded to put a towel over his chest to stop the bleeding but that didn't work," the witness told Petersen."He started bleeding out of his nose and mouth. I tried to speak to him to keep him conscious. But that didn't work."

    The man suffered a single stab wound to the chest. He was taken to a hospital, where he died. The victim's name hasn't been released. 

    Police arrested Tajuana Bailey, 41, and charged her with murder about two blocks from the scene. 

    Witnesses said they were close enough to hear what the pair were arguing about. 

    "It was some beer," a witness said. "A beer!  A family dispute. Over a beer."

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