South Fulton County

Gas station now offers to pump your gas for you after string of 'slider' crimes

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A local gas station is using a practice of the past to help put a dent in a trending crime called sliding.

It's something we don't see too often in the metro area -- Full service, where someone puts your gas in your car for you.

Sarah Cainion loves using the new gas valet service at the Shell gas station on Cascade Road near Interstate 285.

“They pump your gas. They go get your receipt. They come and clean your windows for you and everything,” Cainion said.

She had avoided the area because of criminals who slide into your car while you pump gas and steal your personal items, or steal your car.

"But since they started the pumping I've come back," she said.


The new gas valet full service is here in direct response to the criminals who contributed to a 200 percent increase in crime at the gas station recently.

One of the founders of the gas valet business says she began thinking of a safer way to pump gas.

"Without worrying about your surroundings or your personal property or your entire vehicle being taken," said Monique Holliday, Co-Founder of Gas Valet.

Gas valet attendants will pump your gas, wash your windows and even get items from inside.

"They tell you if you need to get snacks they'll get snacks for you," Cainion said.

Community organizer Daphne Jordan was instrumental in raising awareness about the out of control slider crimes at gas stations in the area.

"There were a lot of people who simply boycotted this area," she said.

She says gas valet attendants are another set of eyes to protect customers.

"And this is also creating jobs when you think of it from another positive standpoint," she said.

The gas valet full service will eventually costs $2 but some customers don't mind that.

You can pay the attendant there or download the gas valet app, sign up and prepay there. You can get the service from 7 to 11 in the morning and 3 to 7 in the evening.

Gas valet is looking to extend hours and add even more gas stations.