• 2 accused of stealing dead woman's identity; bones found in backyard

    By: Liz Artz


    SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. - Police have made an arrest after a gruesome discovery in the backyard of a South Fulton County home.

    “It's always sad when people don't have anybody to say goodbye to them, you know it is," Laura Gettler said.

    Gettler became emotional while talking to Channel 2’s Liz Artz about her former neighbor Connie Hodgson.

    Artz could only find one picture of the 77-year-old, who police said has no family anywhere they can find.

    According to records Artz found, Hodgson lived in a house on Elsinor Street in East Point for 20 years before she disappeared. A new homeowner discovered bones in the backyard last month.

    “Something has gone wrong with Ms. Hodgson. We need to find her or determine if that's her,”  Detective Ebony Johnson said.


    Police first became aware in early November that something had happened at the house after the new homeowner dug up a human skull and skeletal remains while doing yard work.

    “It's very gruesome to think about that," Gettler said.

    After a more than monthlong investigation, Johnson arrested Theresa Frawley and her daughter Brandy Hodder. The two women are accused of fraud and identity theft for using Hodgson's money.

    “Miss Frawley has been using Ms. Hodgson's debit card credit card. Ms. Hodgson’s mail has been going to her house, but she can't tell us where Ms. Hodgson is at this point," Johnson said.

    Investigators told us Frawley came to know the victim through Hodder, who worked with her at a Waffle House.

    Hodgson worked at the Northwest Atlanta restaurant for 20 years.

    Connie Hodgson
    Connie Hodgson
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    Frawley lived with Hodgson in the house on Elsinor Street for at least nine years.

    “The closest thing she had to family," Johnson said.

    What police don't know is how Hodgson died or when she died. They know it's been about five years since she was last seen alive.

    Police told Artz the remains have deteriorated to the point they don’t think they can determine a cause of death.

    Police said there were no teeth with the skull.

    Johnson is asking anyone who may have known Hodgson to give them a call.

    Johnson told Artz what she does know for sure is that the mother and daughter duo were living off Hodgson’s money in Rome, Georgia.

    There is a separate ongoing investigation with the Social Security Administration. Detectives said there is reason to believe the two women may have been collecting Hodgson’s Social Security check.

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