South Fulton County

Woman shot, killed man inside apartment, police say

SOUTH FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A woman is accused in a deadly shooting in south Fulton County, and neighbors wonder if it was a matter of self-defense.

It happened inside an apartment complex in Union City, along Highway 138.

Neighbors at the Evergreen Commons Apartments told Channel 2's Steve Gehlbach they were woken early Wednesday morning to the sound of sirens.

"I just heard the helicopter,” neighbor Maureen Jordan told Gehlbach.

She said she did not hear the gunshots.

Union City police said when they first got the apartment, officers found a man shot. He died at the scene before he could be airlifted to the hospital.


So far investigators will only say the shooting was related to a domestic dispute.

"I just found out it was a domestic violence, that he had asked her to leave, but from there just went out of control," Jordan said.

"I don't care what violence it is. Cause for no one to kill no one, that's just me," neighbor Cynthia Cooks said.

Neighbors think the woman involved may have shot and killed the victim, a large man well over 6 feet tall and 300 pounds, trying to defend herself.

"Could have been self-defense because that's a big ‘ol man," Jordan said.

Another neighbor says it's sad either way.

"For the family, especially of him, and her too, because we don't know," Cooks said.

So far police are not releasing the name of the man shot and killed, or the woman and if she faces any charges.