Some don't want 'Man Cave Atlanta' moving into their neighborhood

ATLANTA — A local community is up in arms over a new establishment trying to open in the neighborhood.

It's called Man Cave Atlanta, and it sits near where a security guard was murdered recently. The owner is asking residents to give her a chance.

Channel 2's Tom Jones spoke to one homeowner who didn't want to give his name.

"Late night partying, drug paraphernalia, homicides…"

That's what he said his community has experienced after a murder at the Loudhouse recording studio and illegal and unsavory activity by customers from another business on Liddell Drive.


It's why homeowners are opposed to an establishment called Man Cave Atlanta moving in.

"We simply don't want a late-night bar to be built and established in our community," he said.

"That is not the type of environment that we're bringing to this area," Man Cave Atlanta owner Nika Platt said.

Platt said her male haberdashery will be geared toward hardworking professional men … not those attracted to violence.

"Absolutely not. I definitely don’t want that in here. No, absolutely not," she said.

She showed Channel 2 Action News what she says will be a place for men to relax and unwind.

"This is a massage room," Platt said, pointing to a room with a massage table. "This is where you get your manicures and pedicures.”

There's a bar area to watch sports, a barbershop and a chess room.

"This will be your cigar bar," she said, opening a door hidden behind a shelf, revealing an exclusive area for those who love cigars.

"I'm trying to bring a class," Platt said proudly.

Neighbors aren't convinced and want to prevent Platt from getting a liquor license. They say this has neighbors united and upset.

"Highly upset. And we've been upset, even before this business," the homeowner said.

Neighbors also said there isn't enough room for parking.

Platt said she will use a valet service. She said she’s so concerned about crime, she has asked police to patrol the area more when she opens.

The neighborhood planning unit will meet Aug. 20, and neighbors plan to pack that meeting to express their concerns.

Platt will be there as well, she said, to let them know she wants to improve the area, not hurt it.