Smyrna police officers deliver groceries to seniors for free

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — With an urgent need to protect the elderly, a metro Atlanta police department is answering the call and diving into the grocery delivery business.

Channel 2 Cobb county bureau chief Chris Jose learned that Smyrna police officers are picking up precious supplies for those who need it most.

Jose spoke to some people in their '70s and '80s, and they told him they’re trying to avoid the grocery store, but they need food and medicine.

On Wednesday, Smyrna police officers started picking up and dropping off groceries for seniors.

Smyrna police Sgt. Louis Defense spoke to Jose remotely as he pulled into Kroger on South Cobb Drive.

Defense picked up groceries for seniors ages 62 and older who live in Smyrna city limits.

The new program launched on Wednesday.

Police said pickup and deliveries will go on until the virus is no longer a threat.

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It’s meant to limit exposure for those who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

“I’m in a high, high risk situation. I’m 81 years old. I have COPD and emphysema, so I’m locked in my house,” Smyrna resident Frank Millen said.

Millen is so worried that he does not want to leave his house.

He’s well-stocked for now, but is hoping to avoid grocery stores in the near future.

“And there’s a lot of seniors who are in the same condition I am. I’m just afraid as can be to go out and mingle with any crowds or anything,” Millen said.

Millen said he plans to call Smyrna police this weekend.

Back on the road, officers Taylor Elliott and Defense dropped off the first delivery to Susan Crane Wednesday.

The delivery was about a half dozen bags of food and supplies from Kroger that she paid for online.

Police want seniors to know the service is free for them.