• Roswell council considers allowing golf carts on city streets


    ROSWELL, Ga. - Roswell leaders are considering allowing people to drive golf carts in certain parts of the city.

    Some neighborhoods already allow people to use golf carts to get around in the city, while others do not.  City leaders are now looking at possibly expanding the ordinance to let more people use them as a means of transportation.

    "We see a lot of people using bicycles, we see a lot of people using scooters, and it just seemed to us to make sense to be able to offset some of the traffic, certainly help with parking issues in some areas of town,” city councilwoman Nancy Diamond said.

    Diamond said the council is looking at whether to allow golf carts in and around the downtown shopping district and in more neighborhoods. She said they are exploring what the parameters would be and state laws that will limit the discussion.

    Resident John Gamble said he thinks the city should give it a shot.

    "I think it's a great idea,” Gamble said. “They’re relatively easy to control.  They don't use any gas.  With the governors on them, they can't go very fast.  It's an easy way to get around.”

    Patrick Altmeyer is spending his summer parking carts at Brookfield Country Club and said he thinks the city should limit cart use.

     "I think they should keep it in the neighborhoods.  Anywhere else on a main road I think is pretty dangerous," Altmeyer said.

    City staff is researching the proposal and will bring information back to the council in the next few weeks. 

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