• Rosalynn Carter gets emotional over Jimmy's cancer diagnosis


    ATLANTA - Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn gave an update on his condition Tuesday night after revealing he had cancer last month.
    Carter says he's received two of four cancer treatments already.
    He says doctors will not allow him to go Ghana for a four-day meeting focusing on women's rights.
    But Carter says he is looking forward to celebrating his 91st birthday in just a few weeks.
    Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary was at the Carter Center Tuesday night as he spoke with his wife by his side.
    Former first lady Rosalynn Carter choked up as she thanked so many people for the outpouring of support and prayers.
    “In spite of what's going on, it's been kind of wonderful just to know we have that kind of support, and also Jimmy's attitude is helping,” Rosalynn Carter said.
    It was the first time Rosalynn has spoken publicly about her husband's cancer diagnosis.    

    The couple told their supporters they are continuing their charity work even though they have had to cut back their hours as President Carter goes through treatment for melanoma that has spread to his brain.
    He told the audience he's had one radiation treatment and two of four treatments to boost his immune system. 
    Carter was upbeat and even joking about doctors making him drink 84 ounces of fluid a day.
    “Now the doctors have been nice enough to take me back to 64 ounces so instead of getting productive work done, I spent a lot of time in the restroom,” Carter said.
    Geary described Carter as sharp as he answered questions ranging from race relations to Middle East peace. 
    He said he was delighted with the Iran nuclear deal but criticized the Obama administration when it comes to ISIS.
    “I would like to see the U.S. be more aggressive in dealing with ISIS,” Carter said.
    Folks who listened in told Geary it doesn't appear he's slowing down while fighting cancer. 
    “Such an inspiration, that mind, that smile... Everything else,” said Connie Stewart.
    “That man is amazing, he has not slowed down.  It is outstanding.  I only hope to be a little bit of who he is at his age, at my age,” said Sue Hrib with the Carter Center board of counselors.
    President Carter will speak again Wednesday night to incoming freshman at Emory University.

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