Rifles stolen from police cars during Atlanta protests

ATLANTA — Police are looking for the people who stole two rifles out of two different Georgia Tech police cars – and then set the cars on fire.

It happened amid protests a few weeks ago in Atlanta.

Police said the two Georgia Tech police cars were parked downtown when someone stole the rifles out of them, and after that, the cars were set on fire.

For the last couple weeks, Aramidee Akintomide has not been walking around Centennial Park like she normally does.

There have been protests – other people have been people rioting and setting fires. She just didn’t feel safe.

“I was kind of staying inside because I didn’t want be mistaken for anything I wasn’t doing,” Akintomide said.

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When things got out hand, and people were breaking into the College Football Hall of Fame, someone broke into the police cars.

“I mean it’s already not safe enough being out on the streets in general. We got too many guns in kids’ hands and everything else,” Akintomide said.

Atlanta police officers are working to figure out who took the guns and started the fires – but as of right now they have no suspects.

Jessica Maxwell, who lives in the area, said she doesn’t think protesters did this.

“I mean in general we don’t know necessarily if it’s the protesters or if it’s just somebody taking advantage of the situation. I feel like more so the people breaking into the buildings and people who are stealing stuff out of cop cars – some of them are just taking advantage of the situation,” Maxwell said.

If you have any information on who took the rifles, you can call Crime Stoppers. You can stay anonymous and get a cash reward.