• Rapper Rick Ross asks for immunity in assault case

    By: Tom Jones


    FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. - The personal manager of rapper Rick Ross says the pair never kidnapped workers whom they are accused of assaulting.                  
    Ross's personal manager, Nadrian James, says he didn't see the rapper attack anyone.
    He says he got into a fight with one of the workers after discovering they had had several people over to his boss's guesthouse.
    James said that really upset Ross.
    “He asked Jonathan why he had all these people in his house,” James said.
    James testified the rapper wasn't happy that his handymen had several strange people over to his guesthouse without his permission.

    James said worker Jonathan Zamudio apologized.
    “Boss, I'm sorry. My bad,” James said.




    James testified earlier he had confronted another worker and asked him why there was a strange car at the guesthouse.
    He says he went to get Ross from the main house and they returned to the guesthouse.
    James testified Ross went into the house and he stayed outside.
    He said Zamudio startled him and they got into a fight.
    “It was a fight. Fists going, fists swinging. We both are,” James said.
    Prosecutors charged James and the rapper with aggravated assault, aggravated battery and kidnapping after workers Leo Caceres and Zamudio said the pair pistol-whipped and beat them
    James and Ross are now asking the court for immunity from prosecution because they say they were defending themselves that day-- standing their ground and they never kidnapped the workers.          
    The judge will rule once he hears all the evidence.

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