• Protesters march outside Smyrna Glock HQ


    SMYRNA, Ga. - Gun protesters gathered outside the Glock headquarters in Smyrna on Thursday.

    Protesters said they are not aiming at Glock, but at the gun industry as a whole.

    They wanted an executive to come talk to them, but they were turned down by a security guard.

    “They don’t want to talk to you right now, so there’s nothing else I can do about it,” the guard said.

    The group said as the nation focuses on assault weapons bans, attention should be given to the number of handguns on the streets. They point to recent shootings at Price Middle School and Morehouse College as examples.

    “Glock and this industry makes millions and millions of dollars because they intentionally flood communities with these handguns and we are saying enough is enough,” activist Rev. Markel Hutchins said.

    “The blood of our children is running in our streets,” activist Rev. Timothy McDonald said.

    Although outnumbered, Luke Crawford and a couple of other gun and sign toting people stood firm at the protest.

    “The bad guys are still going to get a gun. If they don’t get their gun, they are going to get a bomb or a machete or a baseball bat and do damage with that,” Crawford said.

    As the group marched, Glock employees could be seen watching from afar. Organizers said a Glock executive agreed to a meeting.

    Channel 2’s Tony Thomas was unable to reach Glock for a statement.

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    Protesters march outside Smyrna Glock HQ