• Police: Thieves targeting cars at Fernbank Museum, day cares


    DEKALB COUNTY, Ga. - Investigators suspect the same group of men are targeting cars at day cares, schools and even the Fernbank Museum.
    Within the last two months, criminals have broken into at least five people's cars at the Fraser Center, a day care and school in DeKalb County.
    Channel 2’s Erica Byfield met two victims.
    "My purse and my phone and my $1,000 camera inside and they got it all," Kelley Taylor said.
    Taylor told Byfield she went inside to pick up her son and in less than 10 minutes she learned someone broke into her car.
    "It's very scary, because what if I had encountered this person with my chil? Who knows what they might have done," she added.
    Another victim is equally as disturbed. 
    "I never go in without my purse now, I always grab my purse and my phone," Katy McDougal said.
    There have also been crimes reported at the Fernbank Museum.
    A museum spokesperson told Byfield she was aware of the situation and an email was sent to staff.
    Courtney May with the Fraser Center said the thieves went after more than purses at the museum.
    "At Fernbank they are actually looking for luggage as well. They are looking for out-of-towners, out of state tags," May said.
    At all of these crime scenes a black Grand Prix has been seen jetting out of the parking lot.
    Witnesses said the driver always backs in. 
    The Fraser Center sent parents an alert.
    "I started doing a loop when I pull in, which is kind of silly but you want to try to keep your eyes out," said Beth Kelhoffer.
    DeKalb County police are investigating.

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    Police: Thieves targeting cars at Fernbank Museum, day cares