• Former Sprint worker accused of stealing iPhones

    By: John Bachman


    Nearly $100,000 worth of iPhones are missing from a Sprint store and so is the former employee accused of stealing them.

    They all disappeared from the store on Chamblee Dunwoody Road in Dunwoody. On Friday, police told Channel 2's John Bachman how they think the suspect pulled off the heist.

    Police said six shipments of phones, totaling 150 iPhones, were stolen over the course of three days.

    Dunwoody police issued a warrant for Marcus Barney, 24.

    "We all got the impression that he left quickly. But we didn't know anything other than that," said Rodney Lewis, who worked with Barney at the store for about a year. Lewis said Barney left suddenly. A few days later, police arrived, asking questions.

    "Never seen anything where somebody in the company ordered phones because it's too easy to get caught, I would think," Lewis said.

    "For someone to pull this off was pretty brazen because that amount of iPhones going to a particular location is not going to go unnoticed," Sgt. Mike Carlson of the Dunwoody Police Department said.

    Investigators said Barney used a corporate account number to make the fake orders for the phones.

    Police said Barney had the phones shipped to a southwest Atlanta house, but they have not found any other connection between Barney and the house and they now say the people living there had nothing to do with it.

    Police did not find any phones at the home.

    "There are 150 iPhones out there right now that we don't know who they're being sold to or who they're being sold from," Carlson said.

    Carlson warned to use caution if you're buying a phone from someone who is not an authorized dealer.

    As for Barney, if you have any information on where he is please call the Dunwoody Police Department at 678-382-6900.


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