• Sketch released of suspect in crash that killed woman, grandkids


    ATLANTA - Police released a sketch Friday of the man they say caused a crash that killed a grandmother and her two grandchildren on their way to church.

    The driver was fleeing police in a stolen black SUV when he slammed into Dorothy Wright’s car, according to officers.

    The 75-year-old and her two grandchildren, Cameron Cosner, 12, and Layla, 6, died at the scene on Gordon Street in southwest Atlanta.

    The College Park Police Department is offering a $10,000 reward in the case.

    The limo driver who was carjacked outside the Westin Hotel near the airport helped police create the sketch.

    She says she’s been living in fear since it happened and just wants the man caught.

    “I thought I was getting ready to lose my life,” she said. “What he did was just heartless. I feel sorry for the lives that was lost. That gentleman could have took my life as well.”

    She says she came face-to-face with the thief moments before the carjacking.

    “No one wants to live like this, knowing that this young guy took this family and he's on the loose and we know what each other look like,” she said.

    She was parked outside the Westin Hotel that morning. She left the SUV running and went to the passenger side to quiet a noisy cooler. She says that's when the teenager got in.

    “We looked each other dead in the eye," she said.

    She says he gave her a menacing look and she feared he had a gun so she jumped out of the car.

    “If I didn’t close the door when I closed the door, I would have been in the truck with him because he did it so fast,” she said.

    She says he then took off and almost ran her over.

    Many people have questioned College Park police chasing the suspect into Atlanta and through a residential area. The limo driver doesn't.

    “That young guy was going to hurt somebody,” she said.

    The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office and the GBI are investigating how police handled the chase. They can chase for felonies where force was used. She says she didn’t see a gun, but force was used.

    “My life was in danger. I really don't think College Park meant to do that,” she said.

    The limo driver says she wants the family to know that she has them in her prayers. She wants to meet the mother who lost her mother and two children.

    “(I want to tell her) I don’t want you to have a grudge in your heart and think that College Park police meant to do this,” she said.

    She also has a message for the car thief. “They are going to find you. They are working 24/7 to try to find you. Nobody’s going to sleep until you are captured.”

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    Sketch released of suspect in crash that killed woman, grandkids