• Police: Metro PCS employee sexually assaulted by robbers

    By: Liz Artz


    EAST POINT, Ga. - Police are searching for at least two gunmen and a female suspect in a Metro PCS robbery and sexual assault.
    “She was hysterical, screaming, crying, emotional," said Charles Black.
    Black is a barber next door to the Metro PCS off Washington Road. He told Channel 2’s Liz Artz he witnessed the aftermath of the sexual assault and robbery.
    “The lady come out crying screaming," Black told Artz.
    Channel 2 Action News obtained surveillance video that shows the two armed men grabbing cash from the register.
    A suspect wearing blue disappears off camera. Detectives believe that's when he took the clerk to the back and forced himself on her.
    “We did recover evidence that does confirm a sexual assault took place," said East Point police Capt. Cliff Chandler.
    Tuesday detectives went back over the crime scene and talked to witnesses.
    They gave Artz video from a neighboring business that showed a reflection of one of the suspects wearing pants with a distinctive stripe.
    “The first guy took the mask off and then ran passed Pizza Hut," Black said.
    The violent nature of the crime has police concerned, but they're also focused on the getaway car and its driver.
    Investigators said a female was driving the stolen silver 2012 Ford Fusion with damage to the passenger side.
    They believe that same female lured the carjacking victim to a College Park neighborhood where three gunmen jumped out and took the car and the victim’s pants.

    Police recovered a Ford Fusion believed to be the getaway vehicle.

    “It does deeply concern us that a young woman is in involved in a crime led to sexual assault of another young woman," Chandler said.

    Destiny Dunn says she comes to the shopping center often and when she does she says one thing is true about the police office next door to the Metro PCS.

    “Every time I walk past here I see nobody in there to be honest,” Dunn told Channel 2’s Matt Johnson. “I think somebody should have been over here.”

    Residents say nearly every business in the shopping center has been robbed at one point, which begs the question: Why is the substation often empty?
    “It's a shame that you got a precinct here but there's no one here to do the work,” Tanya Dunn told Johnson.
    Police are looking for at least two men and a woman in connection with this crime.
    Anyone who has information on the suspects’ whereabouts or anything about this crime is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477.

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