• Police investigating robbers targeting sellers on Craigslist

    By: Kerry Kavanaugh


    GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. - Gwinnett County police said mall security cameras helped them identify the suspects behind two robberies targeting sellers on Craigslist.

    Police told Channel 2's Kerry Kavanaugh the suspects made a series of bad moves.

    Security cameras captured the license plate of the car they were in.

    One man called two separate victims from his own cellphone and ultimately police found the stolen merchandise in that man's home.

    "There was a reason I didn't sell on Craigslist and this just confirmed why I shouldn't do it," said the robbery victim who only identified himself as Eugene.

    This Gwinnett County man said he learned his lesson the hard way. He listed special edition Nike shoes for sale on Craigslist. The sale brought him face to face with a man with a gun.

    "And I put them on the trunk, you know let them look at it, sample the shoes. And they closed the box back up," Eugene said.

    Surveillance video shows Eugene meeting with two men at the Gwinnett Place Mall Wednesday afternoon.

    Eugene said after seeing high-end Nike shoes, one of the men said he needed to go to his car to get his money

    When he came back, "He had the gun tucked right in his waist," Eugene said.

    Eugene said the men ordered him into the passenger side of his car.

    The men grabbed the sneakers and took off but not before the surveillance cameras recorded a clear shot of their license plate.

    "It's extremely rare that we would ever get a video that has an actual tag listed," said Detective C.J. Flynn with the Gwinnett County Police.

    Flynn said the car didn't belong to the suspects, but it helped track them down.

    Police believe Broderick Sellers, 19, ran off when police arrived at his front door.

    "When we got to the house, the shower was running next to his bedroom," Flynn said.

    Flynn said they did find the stolen Nikes and an iPhone 5. Someone reported the phone stolen in another Craigslist robbery at the mall the same day.

    "These people were just preying on people that were selling phones on Craigslist," Flynn said.

    Police are still looking for Sellers.

    They did not want to release the name of the second suspect until they officially take out arrests warrants on him.


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